Several Surprise Songbirds Seen in Parade Ground

Today at the Fort,

I spotted a few passerines in the Parade Ground that I was not expecting to see so late after fall migration. The usual palm warblers and female American redstarts were among the songbirds seen today.

Winter-plumage yellow-rumped warbler.

An unsuspected visitor was a female scarlet tanager, whose bright yellow body was a stark contrast from her black wings.

Female scarlet tanager, perched in a buttonwood inside the Fort.

I’m also excited to report the arrival of the first black skimmer of the fall to the Park. The funny-looking large tern with the oversized lower mandible spent most of the time I observed it loafing on the south coal pilings. Hopefully more skimmers will soon follow.

First black skimmer of the season, keeping a laughing gull company on the south coal pilings.

I’ll keep you posted on any and all new arrivals this winter.

Happy birding,

–Chelsea B.

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