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Sooty Terns Are Back
Christmas Bird Count a Success
Masked Booby to Nest on Middle Key

Monday, February 16th, 2009

By: Debra Hess
Yankee Freedom II Naturalist

Six Sooty Terns were observed on January 17th cruising over Bush Key during the day and large numbers of Terns were heard calling at night during the Christmas Bird Count (Dec. 16-18).

The actual arrival of large numbers (several thousand) occurred around January 26th, and this is the earliest ever recorded for these Terns for their nesting season. Their arrival has coincided with several strong cold fronts which may spell disaster for the early egg laying. The Terns have been arriving earlier and earlier for nesting for about 15 years – researchers say Sooty Terns may be an indicator species for global warming. But those earlier arrivals leave the birds subject to egg predation from migrating gulls and the effects of springtime cold fronts stressing the colony.



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